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WTD: Creative Differences

Something many of us photographers get on a regular basis. People who hired us for our creative abilities, then decide that they want to dictate how to create. It’s kinda like telling a bird how to fly. Thank You Aaron … Continue reading

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Making changes to the blog

I’m sure right off the bat most have noticed that I’ve changed the appearance to this site. New layout, new banner photo at top. I’m also in the process of adding portfolios here. Since this site is less about my … Continue reading

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Still Here, Still Photographing and Having Fun

I recently saw a post from Ask the Photo Business Coach, Beate Chelette (Black Star Rising). “Should I Stay in the Business or Get Out” I agree with what she has to say. Basically, if you have to ask…then get … Continue reading

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A Look Down Memory Lane: Instant Photography

For those who may not remember this, but back in the day Polaroid was Hip, Cool and cutting edge technology. Imaging making a photograph and seeing the final image in SIXTY SECONDS. WOW ! If you can’t see the video … Continue reading

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Cycling Fever

Hey Gang Sorry for my absence but I recently came down with a bout of cycling fever. Namely the Tour de France. Watching the riders race across the French countryside took up more of my free time them I had … Continue reading

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What The Duck

I love What The Duck. So much Truth in three little frames I think all photographers have had this happen to them more then once

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So Why a 2nd blog?

Easy, I have gotten into the habit of blogging daily at my business site but quite often what I want to write about doesn’t fit into the reason why that site exists. Namely to build my business. Like most folks, I … Continue reading

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