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My Marketing Adventure Begins

Well I did it. I have signed up with Adbase. Adbase is (as they put it) “Essential Marketing Services for Artists & Reps” Quite simply, they give folks like me the tools to help promote their work and get hired. … Continue reading

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Working with Models

I just saw this video by photographer Yuri Arcurs. This is a MUST watch by any and all who want t o photograph models. Particularly for stock use. Thanks to fstoppers for turning me on to this

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Still Here, Still Photographing and Having Fun

I recently saw a post from Ask the Photo Business Coach, Beate Chelette (Black Star Rising). “Should I Stay in the Business or Get Out” I agree with what she has to say. Basically, if you have to ask…then get … Continue reading

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Model Release Pal (beta) for Android

If you are a photographer you probably have heard about “Easy Release” (by ApplicationGap) the iPhone app that lets you be able to get a signature on a model release right on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Which is fine and dandy … Continue reading

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A day in the life of a catalog photographer

People often ask what I do for a living and I answer that I am a catalog photographer. Now the photographer part they understand but the catalog part sounds weird to most. Basically I photograph product that is meant for … Continue reading

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A Word About TFP

For those out there who have never heard the term TFP it stands for “Trade for Prints” (also sometimes called TFCD).  This is a term photographers have used with models and other talents (Stylists & Make-up Artist).  This is when … Continue reading

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I have been thinking that maybe I should write an eBook about some of the lighting techniques I have used over the years. I recently downloaded HDR software from PhotoMatrix and am upset that there isn’t any good material out … Continue reading

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