My Marketing Adventure Begins

Well I did it. I have signed up with Adbase. Adbase is (as they put it) “Essential Marketing Services for Artists & Reps”

Quite simply, they give folks like me the tools to help promote their work and get hired.

This is something that I have been wanting to do for years now but frankly was not able to make the commitment. Marketing is not a one time deal. This is a multi year plan I have. I expect to spend the first couple of year or two trying out different things. Different layouts, subject lines, etc… just to see what does best.(Truthfully, it’s always going to be an ongoing phase).

To give you an idea of how it’s going so far. last week I sent out my first email campaign. 2,900 (roughly) emails were sent out last Wednesday. It took about 36 hours for all of them to go out. At which time, it turns out that my web site was down for a time (Turns out to have been a problem at the DNS level. Thank you to Network Solutions for fixing it quickly). Looking back, I think it would have been best if I had started the campaign on Tuesday morning. Rule: Never send emails out on Mondays or Fridays. I’m sure that many of mine were received on Friday morning. The email itself was ready to launch on the Tuesday, but I was a bit nervous about pulling the trigger for the first time. I was thinking about the saying “You only get one chance to make a first impression”, but decided to hit Send with the idea that if you wait for everything to be Perfect, you will never ship.

I decided to wait till Monday to log into Adbase to see my results.
98% Received
2% Bounced (Does not count against my service charge)

12% Opened the email
8% Clicked thru to my site (Thats 8% of those who opened the email)

On the average those aren’t great numbers. But to me, they are AWESOME. Remember this is my first campaign. My worst fear was that No One opened the email, or Zero people would Click Thru. New eyes looked at my site.

I’m already learning from my mistakes. The subject line was wrong. I didn’t include a Call to Action in the body (“Click here to see my site” type of thing) and of course when sending out that many, to hit Send on Tuesday. I don’t know if the site issues caused any problems. If the problem was a strictly after hours thing, then not too many people probably tried to Click Thru anyway. And then there is the whole “Is this even the right time of year for me to have sent this to the people I sent it too?”. That is something I can only learn over years of experience. You can’t learn who your audience is overnight.

With all that against me, I think my numbers aren’t too bad. They can only go up from there.

Next step will be to follow up with postcards in about a week from now


About vrbuzard

Photographer of table top and product for catalog and web. Most recently working on photographing cycling races
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