Model Release Pal (beta) for Android

If you are a photographer you probably have heard about “Easy Release” (by ApplicationGap) the iPhone app that lets you be able to get a signature on a model release right on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Which is fine and dandy but what about those of us who are on an Android OS phone?

Recently release (in beta) is Model Release Pal by Xil3 Media (although I find it interesting that there is no mention of the app on their site).

I’ve been playing with it and honestly, I’m not too impressed. Obviously it’s a beta so this isn’t the final (at least I hope not) and maybe more functions will be added for the final release.

Model Release Pal (beta) by Xil3 Media

The one thing I like about this app is that I can upload my own current model release. You just copy over a PDF file into the apps contract folder and that’s it. According to the makers of Easy Release, their next version will have customizable text.

Just like the iPhone app, your subject can sign right on the phone’s screen. I’ve done this using my finger (not too good) but would like to try using a stylus (I used to have one for my old Palm Treo but don’t know where it is these days).

Thats pretty much it. The app doesn’t allow for any other info beside some notes. Fields for contact info as well as how much money (or other type of payment) was exchanged. Unlike the iPhone app, you can’t attach a photo (for reference) to the release

Finally after all is said and done, you finish your shoot, the model has signed the release. Now what? Well, you can Export the release as a Zip file attached to an email. What you get on the other end is a Zip file that has the original PDF release and a PNG file of the signature. Thats it! Personally I’m not too sure how legal a release that is accompanied by a signature is.

ApplicationGap states in their FAQ that an Android version is in development. Right after the iPhone release I emailed them asking about a Droid version. They stated if they got enough people asking for one, they would look into it (I reckon they did)

So for know, I’m not recommending Model Release Pal (beta). I think they might have done better waiting to have had an app with something other then a signature screen.


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2 Responses to Model Release Pal (beta) for Android

  1. xil3 says:

    I’m sorry the app wasn’t as good as I was hoping it to be, but it’s still under construction.

    I’m just about to finish adding the thumbnail picture and changing the export feature around so that it combines the contract + signature (adds signature to the bottom), rather than sending them separately in a zip file.

    Other than that, I’m also going to be adding a few more fields (which have been requested via emails) – hopefully these additions will allow you to give me a better review. 🙂

    This is more of a pet project, rather than a money making venture, and I’ve only been able to give so much of my time to doing it – slowly but surely, though. This is also why I made it free.

    If you have any other questions or requests, you have my email or contact me through

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