So Why a 2nd blog?

Easy, I have gotten into the habit of blogging daily at my business site but quite often what I want to write about doesn’t fit into the reason why that site exists. Namely to build my business.

Like most folks, I have multiple interests. I love photography (that’s why I do it for a living) but I also love cycling & running. I’m interested in eating well and Healthy Lifestyles. Then there’s living GREEN as well as Technology. Like I said, writing about these items doesn’t fit into the goals of my business blog.

Also, I am a creative. It’s what I do. Not just photography but other areas as well. I’m not a great writer but I enjoy doing it.

For me it doesn’t matter if I have 10,000 subscribers or only 10. What matters is that I am creating something and offering it to the world. Much like photography, it’s not about pushing the shutter release, it’s about sharing the results with the world. Who cares if they like it or not. Every time I create a personal photo art project, I always print it out and hang it on the wall for a month. If after the month I still like the photo, then I know I have something.

So thats why I’ve made this 2nd blog. This will be a place for me to share, not just my own photo projects but to share myself with you. And I hope you will return the favor and share yourself if only in the comments section

Heck, if I get consistent posting to this blog then I may start up a health & fitness as well.

Sharing what I enjoy with others, that’s what it’s all about


About vrbuzard

Photographer of table top and product for catalog and web. Most recently working on photographing cycling races
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