Annie Leibovitz: I’m not a fan

Recently I was reading a blog posting about how Annie Leibovitz is in financial trouble, something like she owes 24 million.  Now mind you, I wouldn’t wish this upon my worse enemy and I hope she can pull out of this mess.

I proceeded to leave a comment that I’m not a fan of her work, it’s a personal opinion, but I find her work uninspired and unoriginal.  I wasn’t the only one leaving comments like this, but for some reason I got a ton of replies saying that I don’t know anything about what she does.  Now mind you, I did not say that I thought I was better then her, merely that I think there are a lot of other photographers out there who deserve more praise.  From what I’ve seen of her work (and I even stated that maybe I hadn’t seen enought of her work and that maybe someone could show me some of her work that may enlighten me) I find it to be nothing special.

I have always said, if I’m wrong then show me why. Show me the proof

I stopped replying to that other blog because it was getting me no where

If you are a fan of Ms Leibovitz, please post a link to some of her work that will make me say “Dammn that’s great work” till then I will admire the work of Steiglitz, Stiechen, Breeson, Newton, Avedon, Man Ray, etc….


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Photographer of table top and product for catalog and web. Most recently working on photographing cycling races
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3 Responses to Annie Leibovitz: I’m not a fan

  1. Garry Buzard says:

    Gee, I thought that I was the only one who was not fond of Annie Liebovitz work. I felt she made a name for herself only because she knew famous people and celebrities and they thought she was a great photographer, but who says they now more than the rest of us.

  2. Leona Mccoy says:’s done it once again. Incredible writing!

  3.’s done it once more! Great read.

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