Saugatuck, MI

Well I am back from my trip to Saugatuck, MI. This was my first vacation in two years, even though it was only for two nights. It felt good to get away from everything for a bit. Truth is, photographers never really get vacations. Where ever I go, I take a camera with me. Nice thing is, that I get to shoot what I want to shoot, no plastics, no kitchen utensils. Here is a shot I took from the shore line at Saugatuck Dunes State Park.
This was my first time in Saugatuck and I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like. I guess the closest place that I could compare it to would be Long Grove, Il. without the beach. There are lots of little shops and eateries (a little costly and nothing really special). This is a photo of Roxanne at a sandwich place called Monroe’s.

I like this photo of her, don’t know why, maybe because it is really her.

I recommend Saugatuck, but would suggest going in the off season. Otherwise the place is really crowded.


About vrbuzard

Photographer of table top and product for catalog and web. Most recently working on photographing cycling races
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